Gaia v2.5 r701 - EMS version

Quick start: Go to the "Run" tab and hit start. Wait for an output and observe the plots. They update automatically.
This is a preview / alpha / proof-of-concept version of the creeping fluid (Stokes-) flow solver gaia (C++ code). There is currently a preliminary documentation available and the UI is probably with lots of bugs. However, the gaia core works exactly as the one available in the repository (r701).
NO browser-feature checks are done!! Use it with recent Chrome/Firefox/IE10. Others are probably not supported. Gaia is compiled with ASM_JS, so Firefox is surprisingly as fast as a natively compiled version.
All output-"files" are kept in memory so expect your browser to run out of meory. Reduce outputs with OutputIter option in Input tab. Gnuplot is similarly compiled from C with an older emscripten, see
Author / questions / comments: Christian Huettig

All data will be permanently deleted and cannot be recovered. Are you sure?

Setup include current ini, post-processing and gnuplot scripts. Save to browser means the setup is kept in your browser storage that will be automatically loaded, you can delete this with the Reset button.

The box module is able to generate its own grid-files, use "none" here and GridFile = CREATE in ini. Be aware that the post-processing routines do not fully support 3D grids yet, so use them with care! Large (3D) grid-files require up to 512MB memory, leading to ~4GB browser memory.

Edit the ini file for the current run. It is stored in your brwoser, if you want to revert to default, press reset.
Make sure you use the correct grid name in the ini file!

Make sure you use MCInit = BOX/Init, ... only when using box grids!



Select "Run" to push the grid file from the server and the current ini to the VFS and start. "Pause" and "Reset" reacts only at the end of a time-step. Use "Reset" and "Run" for an updated ini file.

Select how much memory the runtime will have available (press 'Reset' button to apply this change) : MB

Run post-processing automatically once a new output is available

No iterations




Virtual File System

This lists all files available to gaia, including those it creates. You can upload your own grid files here or save snapshot/output files to your disk.
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